Friday, January 29, 2016

NYT's Modern Love on open adoption

This 2010 "Modern Love" essay, "Open Adoption: Not-So-Simple Math" popped back up on the New York Times today, with the update of a new podcast. I hadn't seen it when it first ran, but it's one of the more remarkable pieces of writing I've ever seen on adoption, and particularly open adoption. It is worthwhile to listen to the podcast, especially the interview that begins at 13:30. The kindness, openness, and honesty shown by everyone involved—the author, the adoptive parents, even the ex-boyfriend—goes beyond the Juno timeframe of thinking about the adoptive process. And I think it gives a great deal of hope to those of us whose lives have been touched by open adoption to see kind people dealing with their lives and feelings with kindness.

One of the editors notes on the podcast that whenever Modern Love runs a story on adoption, it is one of their most contentious topics, generating lots of angry emails. I don't think that surprises those of us who have spent a lot of time around the community, but it might catch the average person on the street off-guard to learn that the conversations and debates can be so intense. Raising awareness of the fact that the practice of adoption—and the many components that go into it—is as contested as it is was one of the ancillary reasons why I thought it was worthwhile to launch a blog like this. 

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