Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Spa Night"

NBC News, which has—by a long shot—the most active beat on Asian-Americans of any major news organization, has this great article on "Spa Night," a film just shown at Sundance this year by Korean-American director Andrew Ahn. Set in L.A., this is his description of the film:

"'Spa Night' is about a Korean-American family, an immigrant family. Each member of the family is trying to balance personal desire with a sense of tradition and responsibility to each other. David, the son, takes a job at a Korean spa to help the family make ends meet. While he's at the spa, he discovers this world of underground gay hookups that both scares and excites him. ... I wanted to take this and not make it just about a sexual experience, but also a Korean experience, and that's where I brought in the story of the parents and the family. It was really important to me that "Spa Night" be about both things. I really wanted it to be a balanced portrayal of human beings, and that means that they have families and they care about each other, but they also have sexual desires and that's something especially in Asian-American stories that's not talked about a lot."

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